Worry challenge day 7: Talk about it

How are you doing so far?  Do you notice that as you apply these tools the intensity and frequency of your worry changes?  Are there some worries that fade away and others that hang around?  For these worries, I suggest you talk about it with someone.

We feel better and worry less when we’ve had an opportunity to talk to someone about those things that are bothering us.  When we can get our worries on the table, say them out loud, it gives us some perspective, and with this perspective can come greater feelings of control and hope.  You need, of course, someone to tell your worries to.  That person could be a family member, a friend, or a therapist.

Some of my best therapy sessions have resulted not from my brilliant insights, but from just letting my clients talk about their worries.

Today’s assignment: Share your worries with someone.  Allow this person to offer support, guidance, and compassion.

Share your reactions, experiences & questions:

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