Grand opening: NYC Cognitive Therapy


I am writing to share several updates with you:

Hot off the press: Grand Opening of NYC Cognitive Therapy (mental health services for teenagers & adults, including individual, couples & group therapy).

As you may already know, I am a certified cognitive therapist in New York City and am passionate about helping clients rapidly learn the skills to overcome problems, improve their lives, and become their own therapists. 

I started my cognitive behavior therapy private practice in 2010 and incorporated as NYC Cognitive Therapy, PC in 2012. I started the Center because there’s a lack of therapists in New York City who are trained to deliver affordable, evidence-based cognitive-behavioral treatments for anxiety, OCD and related problems.

The mission of NYC Cognitive Therapy is to offer compassionate and scientifically-based therapy tailored to its clients’ individual needs. The Center specializes in Depression, Anxiety, OCD and related problems such as eating and sleep disorders. We provide LGBTQ-sensitive, cross-culturally-affirming therapy for adults, teenagers and their families. Individual, couples, and group therapy modalities are available.

The Center’s primary focus is on the evidence-based treatment of anxiety,depression, and related disorders because there are subtle differences in how each disorder should be treated. While many therapists work with anxiety & depression, the cognitive and behavioral approaches used at the Center require extensive continuing education in the  specific conceptualization for each person and evidence-based strategies for each disorder.

We use a variety of cognitive and behavioral strategies depending on what the research indicates might be most effective for a particular problem. These interventions might include cognitive therapy, behavior therapy, exposure therapy, exposure and response prevention, dialectical behavior therapy skills for emotion regulation, mindfulness and acceptance-based therapies, and positive psychology.

To learn more about who we are, the services we provide, or to make an appointment, visit us online at

Meet our New Therapist at NYC Cognitive Therapy: Lisa Goldstein, LMSW
Lisa brings to the center a passion and skill for helping adolescents, young adults, and older adults. Lisa trained for the practice of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) under Daniel Beck, Founding Fellow of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy (ACT) and Senior Supervisor at the Beck Institute of Cognitive Behavior Therapy.  As a NYS Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) — with backgrounds in both psychology and law — Lisa loves being able to combine her passion for advocacy and social justice, with her dedication to helping her clients lead more fulfilling lives.​

Areas of specialization

Populations served: adolescents, young adults, women, LGBTQ community.
Helping clients conquer: grief; loss; bereavement; intrusive and/or racing thoughts; obsessions and/or compulsions; sexual orientation issues; feeling bullied; relationship issues; wanting to make a change; identity issues; learning how to be mindful; tolerating stress and/or distress; regulating emotions; having more effective interpersonal connections; role of spirituality.

Lisa provides individual & couples/relationship counseling. She offers affordable rates and a sliding scale for clients, providing a moderate-fee option for cognitive therapy in a private setting. Lisa is currently forming a brand new therapy group to help clients overcome Depression & Anxiety in a supportive, confidential setting. Stay tuned!

Read more about Lisa here by clicking here.

To schedule an appointment with Lisa, call 347-470-8870, or email

Deepening our expertise

One of the hallmarks of NYC Cognitive Therapy is our passion for CBT and continued training in evidence-based therapies so we can bring you the best treatment possible for your problems. In the summer of 2012, Noah completed intensive training in Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT), In this 2-day workshop, led by the founder of CFT Professor Dr. Paul Gilbert, participants learned specific, user-friendly skills for training in mindfulness, compassion and enhancing well-being. CFT is a form of cognitive-behavioral therapy that teaches clients ways to cultivate self-compassion and to mindfully develop healthier relationships with difficult emotions. CFT was originally developed for people with high shame and self-criticism, who often experience intense anxiety or depression. In this workshop, Noah learned how developing the compassionate mind can help individuals to: experience positive, affiliative emotions, to face painful feelings, and to establish a secure base from which to step forward into meaningful, rewarding lives. He looks forward to sharing these tools/techniques with you!
Coming up, both Lisa and Noah will be participating in a training in CBT for Dieting with eating disorders expert Dr. Judith Beck, of the Beck Diet Solution. For our clients with eating issues, this program will allow us to bring greater structure and new tools to our eating disorders treatment program.

I hope you enjoyed reading this newsletter. Feel free to forward this newsletter to others who may benefit.

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