NYC Cognitive Therapy Gives Back to Queens Pride House!


What do you think is the most sure-fire way to achieve happiness? Fame? Fortune? A perfect body? Think again! Research repeatedly shows that none of these experiences lead to lasting happiness! Instead, long-term happiness is most strongly correlated with having good friendships & a sense of belonging in one’s community. Depression and suicidal thoughts are most closely correlated with inadequate social support & the absence of contact with community supports.

NYC Cognitive Therapy founder Noah Clyman believes that in order to get better and stay better, connection with social outlets and a sense of connection with one’s community is critical. Noah says, “When a client comes to NYC Cognitive Therapy, s/he can expect that their therapist will complete a holistic assessment to determine not only what CBT tools the client needs to learn, but also what areas of life are not getting enough attention. For many clients, the act of joining a support group, their local community organization, or another activity to boost their socialization has a big impact!”

In order to spread further awareness about community-based support services, NYC Cognitive Therapy decided to make a donation to an outstanding organization and also to publicize their contributions on this blog. And the winner is…. Queens Pride House!

About Queens Pride House

Founded in 1997, Queens Pride House serves the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community. The only LGBT community center in the borough, Queens Pride House runs a health referral hotline and drop-in center which links participants to resources within their own communities, allows participants to access resources for themselves by offering free computer and internet services, and provides safe spaces for LGBT-identified people to gather. QPH facilitates several support groups that decrease social isolation and increase education about health-related issues, resulting in increased overall general health of the population served. QPH also offers monthly social events and movie nights, which give questioning, curious, or closeted people a non-threatening way to access the community center and services, thereby decreasing some of the barriers to wellness that LGBT people face.

Over the past 10 years, QPH has directly impacted the lives of thousands. Some of their accomplishments include:

  • Providing over 1,500 health referrals per year since 2001.
  • Heightening the community’s awareness about public health issues by distributing over 18,500 pamphlets since 2002.
  • Organizing the wildly popular Annual Queens Queer Cultural Festival for the past 5 years.
  • Successfully advocating for additional resources for LGBT programs from NYC & NYS elected officials in 2006.

The Queens Pride House shared the following statement on their FB page: “We would like to take a moment to give thanks for the generous donations we have received making it possible for Queens Pride House to replace the rainbow flags outside our building. In particular we would like to thank Noah Clyman of NYC Cognitive Therapy who made it possible to have it done just in time for the Pride season. Thank you so much!”
NYC Cognitive Therapy invites you to check out the opportunities to develop a hobby, volunteer, or connect with others in your community. For a list of recommended links, check out the Resources tab on our website by clicking here.

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