NYC Cognitive Therapy Mobile App Feature: MoodKit – Mood Improvement Tools

Here is a review of an excellent cognitive behavior therapy-related mobile application designed for consumers and/or practitioners of CBT, called ‘MoodKit.’

MoodKit is an affordable CBT iPhone app geared toward helping individuals feel better and learn to become their very own expert. Created by psychologists Edrick Dorian, Psy.D., ABPP and Drew Erhardt, Ph.D. With a user-friendly interface, Moodkit is a great tool to use on your own, to stay on track between sessions, or as a supplement to individual therapy.

App Overview: Moodkit is comprised of four basic integrated tools:

1.Activities – The activities menu provides users with an array of over 200 mood-enhancing activities spanning several domains (e.g., social, productivity, enjoyment, physical, healthy habits). Users can also add customized activities to meet their individual needs.

2. Thought Checker – This feature walks users through a guided cognitive restructuring exercise aimed at modifying dysfunctional thoughts in order to reduce distress. Summaries of these “sessions” can be recorded in the journal feature, printed, or even emailed to your therapist for further review.

3. Mood Tracker – This tool allows users to easily track their daily mood ratings across time. Ratings are automatically graphed on a 7-day or 30-day chart in order to provide a user- friendly visual of the user’s progress.

4. Journal- The journal feature is a space to write open-ended entries or to access pre-formatted journal templates across various domains (e.g. goals, motivation, values). The journal feature also stores the user’s notes, summaries, and data from the app’s other tools (viz., activities, thought checker, and mood tracker).

Case Example: Below is an example of how to use Moodkit. I gave the Thought Checker tool a try one afternoon when running late for a meeting…

Step 1: Summarize a situation that bothered you.


Step 2: Moodkit provides you with an extensive list of feelings/emotions. All you have to do is press select. You can identify up to 3 emotions that you experienced in the chosen situation. Then you simply rate the strength of each feeling.


Step 3: Next, write down what thoughts or concerns were going through your mind when you started to feel the emotions you added to your list.


Step 4: Try to identify what cognitive distortions are present in the thoughts you recorded. Select them from the list.


Step 5: Try to modify your original thought. What evidence do you have that supports your original thought? What evidence do you have against it? What are some alternative ways of thinking about the situation?


Step 6: Check in with how you’re feeling now. Re-rate the emotions you were feeling previously. Is the percentage lower?


Step 7: Summary- Take a look at how you were feeling and thinking at the beginning of the exercise and how you are feeling and thinking now.


Step 8: Save your session to your journal, email it to yourself or therapist, or print it for safe-keeping!


App Summary:
Based on scientifically supported CBT principles and strategies? ✔

No previous knowledge of CBT required? ✔

Can be used as a self-help resource? ✔

Can be used as an adjunct to psychotherapy? ✔

Privacy statement available? ✔ [Click here]

Ability to export user data? ✔

User-friendly interface? ✔

Version: 2.2 | Released on 9/18/2013
Cost: $4.99
Read user reviews and download at:
iTunes (iOS)

Lindsay Simon is a psychotherapist at the CBT practice “NYC Cognitive Therapy” located in Herald Square of midtown Manhattan. Lindsay specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and other evidence-based treatments, for anxiety disorders and depression. To learn more about her, visit the practice website:

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