Addressing Myths about CBT

What-is-CBT_small_whiteHere are a handful of short videos (<3 minutes apiece) of Dr. Judith S. Beck, PhD describing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and busting myths about this highly efficacious form of psychotherapy:

  1. Why Choose CBT.
  2. Defining Cognitive Therapy.
  3. Addressing the Myth that CBT is Rigid and Formulaic. 
  4. The Power of Realistic Thinking in CBT.
  5. CBT for Complex Cases.


Best, Noah

NoahClyman,LCSW-R, ACT

Academy of Cognitive Therapy (ACT) Diplomate & Fellow
Certified Trainer/Consultant & Credentialing Committee Member
Clinical Director, NYC Cognitive Therapy
347-470-8870, x700
Fax: 347-470-8870

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